Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Which of the Persian rugs produced today are the most popular?

Over the last few years, Gabbehs have been the most commercially successful of all Persian rugs on the market. The combination of modern look, lustrous hand-spun wool, and dyes that are derived from natural substances has made Gabbehs highly prized.
2.  Is it true that the best Persian carpets were made decades ago?

It is true that some of the great Persian masterpieces were woven decades or even centuries ago. However, by various measures, the Persian rugs made today include some of the best ever created. Improved materials, colors, wools, and weaving techniques tend to favor the best of today’s Persian rugs over those that were made long ago.
3.  Why do tribal rugs sometimes have imperfections?

In tribal rugs, most imperfections are due to the fact that it is much harder for tribal weavers to operate a loom than it is for city weavers. The looms used by tribal people are usually basic horizontal looms placed on the floor, which makes it more difficult to weave a perfectly symmetrical rug. Nomadic weavers migrate according to the seasons, so rug imperfections may also be caused by the constant dismantling and reassembly of their looms. Furthermore, in some pieces, irregularities are a deliberate expression of the weaver's creative autonomy. Many rug enthusiasts actually enjoy the imperfections that are typical in tribal rugs.
4.  How can you tell whether an Afghan rug was made in Afghanistan or Pakistan?
At the present time, it cannot be known which Afghan rugs are actually made in Afghanistan and which are made in Pakistan by Afghan refugees. Because of the war, very few rugs are shipped directly from Afghanistan to the United States or Europe today. Instead, most are transported to Pakistan and then shipped abroad. So both Afghan rugs made in Pakistan and Afghan rugs made in Afghanistan are shipped from Pakistan, making it impossible to determine where a particular Afghan rug was actually woven.
5.  Why are Romanian rugs so durable and long-lasting?

They are made of the best and strongest wool available. Tests have repeatedly shown that Romanian wool outlasts the yarn used in the production of even the finest carpets created in Iran.
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