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Zarnegin International Rug Corp. launches website (02-14-09)

Zarnegin International Rug Corp. of Secaucus, NJ, an importer and distributor of Oriental rugs, has launched a website at to make it as easy and convenient as possible for rug retailers to benefit from the company's top-quality collection.

"This is Zarnegin's first online offering, and we've designed it to be extremely informative and user- and dealer-friendly," said Jacob Zarnegin, company vice president. "Visitors will be able to see an overall view of our extensive product line, in particular our specialty - one-of-a-kind tribal rugs - as well as the high-quality Persian, Romanian, Afghan and Indain carpets we've been supplying to dealers nationwide for over 25 years."

The website currently displays a limited sampling of the company's vast inventory, but future plans include making all stock searchable online.

A significant feature of the website is the company newsletter, which focuses on company developments such as product launches, new arrivals, and general rug trends. Other valuable resources on the site include press releases, FAQs, a glossary of terms, and the company's unique rug request tool.

"We hope the site will be easy to navigate and will give visitors all the information they're looking for," Jacob Zarnegin said. "We're excited about this brand new resource we can offer our dealers and customers."

For further information, visit or call 201-330-8500.


Zarnegin announces arrival of two large tribal rug shipments (02-10-09)

In order to meet the demand for hand-knotted tribal and village carpets, Zarnegin International Rug Corp. has recently received two large shipments of one-of-a-kind tribal rugs and kelims from Iran and Afghanistan. The shipments contain over 2,500 pieces and include exotic collectibles, such as tribal tent furnishings and animal trappings. A large number of the rugs and kelims were woven in southwestern Iran and feature rare geometric and floral designs in striking colors.

These mostly traditional pieces were made of 100% wool and personally handpicked for quality and beauty. They were crafted using weaving techniques that have been passed on through generations of nomads.

Available in sizes ranging from 3' x 5' to 9' x 12', the rugs in these shipments are just one offering in Zarnegin’s wide variety of attractive floor-covering products.

“We currently showcase a large collection of tribal goods,” commented Nasser Zarnegin, company president. “With our competitive pricing structure, our products are more affordable than ever. Despite rising production costs in Iran and Afghanistan, we have opted to protect our customers by maintaining our prices and absorbing the difference.”

Since 1958, Zarnegin International has maintained relationships with skilled tribal weavers in Iran and Afghanistan. The company has been working closely with various groups of nomads over the years to bring its customers rugs that cover a wide range of fibers, weaves, designs, and colors.

For more information on these rugs and kelims, call 201-330-8500.


Zarnegin International appoints new vice president (12-29-08)

Zarnegin International Rug Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacob Zarnegin as its new vice president, effective December 29, 2008.

Jacob Zarnegin has more than 10 years of industry experience and since 1992 he has served in several senior executive positions at Zarnegin International in New York and Secaucus, New Jersey. From 1991-1998, he also was a co-founder and co-owner of a successful rug retail company in Switzerland. In 1990, he worked in a senior executive position for the Nasser Zarnegin company, at the time one of Europe’s leading carpet wholesale businesses with headquarters in Switzerland and branches in Europe and the U.S.

He has earned a master's degree in economics and business from the University of Basel and speaks several languages fluently. Prior to entering the rug industry, he worked for two years as general secretary of a key political party in Basel, Switzerland.


Zarnegin moves operations to ORICA building (02-01-07)

Zarnegin International Rug Corp. is glad to announce the relocation of its operations to the ORICA building in Secaucus, New Jersey, effective February 1, 2007. The company’s new offices and two showrooms are housed on the second floor of the building, in Suites 201 North and 217 North. To celebrate its move, Zarnegin is planning a grand opening event in March 2007, at which its latest product lines and marketing materials for 2007 will be presented.

“We feel this move to ORICA is excellent for both our customers and for Zarnegin International”, said Nasser Zarnegin, company president. “Our customers will enjoy two showrooms featuring, among other things, our unique tribal goods—one of the most comprehensive collection of its kind at ORICA. As for Zarnegin, this move has been under review for years, and we felt that the time was right, considering the significant number of quality importers now operating here”.

Since 1958, Zarnegin has been a source for superior-quality rugs. For more information, call (201) 330-8500.


Zarnegin introduces Kurdistan & Luristan Collection crafted for U.S. market

Zarnegin International Rug Corp. proudly introduces its new collection of high-end rugs from the Iranian regions of Kurdistan and Luristan—a set of Persian rugs tailored specifically to meet the taste of the U.S. consumer.

Zarnegin International has worked closely with highly skilled weavers from the mountainous regions of Kurdistan and Luristan in western Iran over the last two years to help create exciting new Persian rugs of high-density weaves, rich floral designs, and superior wools and colors valued particularly by consumers within the U.S. market. The collection represents a breakthrough for Zarnegin and for weavers across these regions, who traditionally have focused on abstract and geometric designs while utilizing often low-density weaves.

The luxurious rugs in this new collection are of superb quality. They benefit from the extensive experience of masterful Persian weavers, the best wool in Iran from highland sheep of Kurdistan and Luristan, and numerous vegetable dyes that are a major source for the colors featured in these new Persian masterworks.

The rug industry in Iran is in the midst of a major effort to reclaim market share in the United States. Persian rug weavers for a time struggled to commit to meeting ever-changing market conditions, particularly those in the United States. Zarnegin’s new collection, however, indicates a ramping up of the renaissance of Iranian rugs in the U.S. markets, as weavers across Iran increasingly craft their remarkable rugs with the U.S. consumer in mind.

Since 1958, Zarnegin has been a premier source for superior quality rugs. Currently, Zarnegin is in the midst of a project to reinvigorate passion for high-quality Persian rugs across the United States.

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