Products & Services
We offer our dealers a wide array of high-quality products and services:
Thousands of unique rugs and kelims in stock at any time
One of the largest selections of Persian rugs anywhere
Tribal and village carpets from many rug-producing countries
A frequently changing inventory of antique and semi-antique rugs
Over 200 oversized carpets always in stock
Rare tribal furnishings, including old cushions, bags, animal trappings
A vast assortment of styles, qualities, colors, designs, and sizes
Restoration and cleaning service
Fully computerized inventory
Photos of every product by request
EDI and drop shipping
Same-day delivery on all in-stock items
Sophisticated billing system and support technology
Customized price tags and bar codes
Company and product literature, including newsletter, brochures and fliers
National and local cooperative advertising
Assistance in planning promotional events at dealer locations
Expert advice on creating effective in-store displays
Updates on today's rug trends
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